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shaft revolving problem.


New member
hello Every one,

I am a new user and working on wildfire 2.0.i need to model a shaft where it has two diameters 45k6on which bearing will rest and adjacent to it is 45e10 on which the lipseal rests.

i tried revolving itin a stretch it but it fails .

then i tried revolving it with dia 45k6 and then cut revolving it with 45e10. but it does not work. (no effect )

please can any one help me on it.

regards prashant


u can only sketech on 1 side of the axis of revolution.

if u really want to have the mirrored side .. just select it and then rmb ---> construction


New member
hello ,

I have uploaded the pictures and part.

pict2 with highlighted dimension with tolerancesis a example ofthe way i want steps on the shaft. (35k6 for length 17 and 35e10 for the remaininig 31-17= 14)

pict1 is my new shaft ot be made .on the right hand side is dia 45k6 .this dia i want for a length of 40 and the rest of the length (75-40=35) to be of 45e10 tol.

i know it can be done by two seperate revolves but that is notan engineering practice.

regards prashant



New member
Dear Prashant,

Went thru the files. Two methods of doing it.

1. Try creating a surface of dia 45 to a length of 75-40. Tolerance it to 45e10 or whatever.


2. Both the dia being 45, there is hardly any visual demarkation. It is a good practice to add a groove at the demarkation say 0.5 deep. NOw you have two different diameters of 45. you may tolerance them independently.

Method 2 is the Engineering Method....