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Setting your Working Directory


New member
Is there a way to set your working directory to a directory other than where the is located

Thank you
Setting the home directory:

On a windows based machine: Right click on the icon that you use to launch Pro/E and select PROPERTIES, choose the shortcut tab and change the start in to the full path of the directory where you want Pro/E to start in.

On a UNIX machine: navigate to the directory that you want to start in and give the Pro/E start up command from here.
I always edit the batch file that starts Pro/E and change to the top level data directory just before Pro/E starts. In other words, find the loadpoint\bin\startupcommand.bat file and put in a line like:


You can still over ride this setting with the short cut start in property.

I also add a line to change to the trail file directory and purge that everytime Pro/E starts so that it doesn't fill up the disk with trail files.
I don't think I was clear enough, my mistake.

When Pro/E starts up initially is there a way to set your working directory automatically to a directory other than where the is located.

If my is in ex. c:/Program Files/ProE2001 and I want my start up dir to be d:/Work, I want to have Pro/E start in the d:/work directory but I don't want to have my in that directory I want it to be read from the c:/Program Files/ProE2001 .

Thank you
mgnt8's answer (first reply) is what you want...

Another method is to start Pro/E using a 'wrapper' script instead of just launching the proe2001.bat file...



set path=c:/Program Files/ProE2001/bin;%path%

cd /d d:/work



Then use this batch file to launch Pro/E instead.

-Brian Adkins
What I needed to do was put my in the loadpoint text directory and then I can change my Start in path

Thanks for all suggestions everyone