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New member
Right on dr_gallup, we need people to help by sharing their knowledge and experience. So Mr. service-pro if don't have anything to share or don't need help just pop out.


They are not my rules. Companies with services to sell should support the site with paid advertising.


New member
And I totally agree with respecting the rules. The "Get Lost" part I don't get. From your past posts I know you



if people where he selling
there services then it wouldnt take long for people to start selling
there advice. Since advice is a service. Besides i beleive most of us
here with similar purpose.

To help and be helped in all matters pro-e

not be bombarded with advertising.


New member

I don't want to start an argument over an issue hat I didn't even started. All I was saying is being polite when you're trying to set things right doesn't cost you anything. Nothing more nor less than that.

I'll stop here... got nothing more to say on this matter.


New member
Dear all,

I am sorry,I didnt know that it is forbidden to advertise your products here it was my first login ,

but iam happy that there people likeIbotez still existing caring about humanpolitness and dignity

thank you sir very much , dont mean to insult anybody else

with my complete respect to all


New member
No forum that I've ever been on allows advertising, so that's a load of ... We don't have time to wade through useless infomation, so I understand Dr Gallups response.

Don't start a war over "Get Lost", it sounds pretty civil to me.


New member
why was anything said in the first place. It clearly states ---Advertisement Removed--- I would hate to think that I would say something like that then have a problem and ask about it and service-pro had the answers.