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Seperate window for Model Tree


New member
Dear Friends,

When I open the ProE model the model tree is coming alog with the Model in the same window. But I want seperate window for Model Tree? How it is possible?

Please help me



Hi Ramu
Which version of Pro E u r Using??
As per ur version I will send u the config.pro file or tell u about the procidure

go to tool >> customize screen >> navigation tabs and there you find model tree options (display as separate window, hight of model tree window, location of model tree etc.) and at the end save your setting in config.win


New member
Hi venkat

Go to

Utilities --> Customize screen --> In that goto options and there u can change the display settings for the model tree.

U can make it view as seperate window.

This steps are applicable for Pro/2001.

These settings will be saved in config.win
file. Be sure that the config.win is placed in your shooting
directory, inorder to have this changes implemented permanently.


New member
If youre using WF or WF 2.0 , first of all you must set the config.pro option : enable_tree_indep to yes and then you shoud go under enviroment....etc...

Have a nice day