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Selection of proper version of ProE


New member
We have got 3 releases of Pro/Engineer (2001, Wildfire , Wildfire2) and face a problem of opening and saving projects in a proper version of Pro/Engineer. We have directly connected ProE Wildfire 2to Pro/Intralink. We want Pro/Intralink to decide which version of ProE should be opened. For example, a project should be done in 2001 and we want Pro/Intralink to open a ProE 2001 after clicking RMB and selecting Open. <O:p></O:p>
Does anyone know how to do it? Thanks in advance for any suggestions?<O:p></O:p>
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New member
Intralink won't ask in which version you want to open the objects.

Initially you need to connect therequired Pro/E version to Intralink.

It will give a message that higer versined objects are not possible to open in lower versions.

But if you once open lower versioned objects into higher versions it's not possible to retrive into lower versions.