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Selecting Many Datum Points as References


New member
I have ~200 imported datum points, in the shape of an airfoil, that I would like to connect with a spline, and extrude to make a wing. Is there any way in sketcher to select all of these datum points as references without individually selecting on each one?


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I believe this is dependant on how they were exported, copius data or just a point cloud. My past experiences have been such that I want to do each singular point to insure that they are connected in the proper lateral orientation I am desiring.


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It is ok ifI have to select them all to connect the spline, but to make them references in sketcher, I would need to select them all one by one also. This would mean clicking on over 200 points once to select them as references, then selecting them all again, to connect the spline. It would seem to me that picking multiple points for reference would be easier that individually selecting them all.


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if they are flat... z zero and you have them in a file with x y z format

you might ..might mind you :) .. is create a spline ...point at each end

sketch...co-ord sys ..at your xy zero .. right click the 2 point spline

select modify > coords tab.. pick the co-ord you inserted

then read should be available... read in the points and it will say different number of points... okay.. and that might get them.... you may run into trouble if there are too many points...200might be the limit... worth a shot, would beat picking them all

Funny older versions of ProE allowed for larger point files


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There are 2 different types of cys.. there is the one that I would call a datum cys and there is a sketch cys... you want the sketch cys

Can't tell you much on picks with WF .. but the underlaying process should be pretty close to the same

If you reach point level max... you may be able to break it into 2 curves and join them up


New member

For reference sake, got hold of a friend who does airfoils for a living and asked about point limits what's the take on file size, what does one really need He said;

If done correctly, 200+ points is good definition. The problem is, you
can start to introduce waves if you overdefine an airfoil.

So youhit it right on the money Ryan

I would think that would also apply to hull/PWC design as well , just low flying planes


New member
wsylvester said:
It seems the point limit on reading in datum points is only with dims, if you have no dims you can read in as many as you like from your xyz table

from there you can create a curve>thru points by just picking the point array and you could extrude that.

interesting site that gives a number of airfoil shapes for different aircraft

Hi there,

Post might be a little old, but I have a problem with what wsylvester was suggesting.
The curve color blue (points are red) cannot be extruded. I have the following error message:
incomplete section: <a>Section must contain geometric entities for this feature.<br style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);"><br style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">I find it pretty annoying, please find attached a screenshot.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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New member

Don't know if it's an airfoil you are after

if it is ...look at your point data..too bad that link is dead now

but it's based on the length being 0 to 1

so there is a top half and a bottom half..two splines

in sketcher..place a sketcher csys ,now draw a spline ,freehand some points so that you know which is top ...end it on your axis...do the same for the bottom spline end at the same point

modify your length from the csys to the endpoint of the splines to 1 then modify the top spline ..file..pick the csys..then open your top data..then the okays

you should have your top ..do same for bottom spline then if your want something other than 1 you modify that and it maintains the shape..or whatever your max value was in spline direction.

if you modify the length you can edit definition and output the point values of the new section if you like..hth


Very cool

Ive now i wish i could apply this to something. Might read up on the joys of model plane design and then see if i can get sections laser cut to make a nice model :)

Now all i need is free time >.<