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Section views take a long time to regenerate


New member
My drawing is 1.4 mb

And in windows task manager: Under commit Charge (K)

Total: 439128

Limit: 3043900

Peak: 443092

And in windows task manager: Under Physical Memory (K)

Total: 1047724

Available: 621832

System Cache: 687048

Now here is my question. When I goto modifying a cross hatching Pro/E Takes 30 to 40 Min. before I even get to the modify menu. Any Suggestions?

Nose Bleed

New member
Could be processor speed or inadequate video card (or both).

I had problems with just the models taking a long time to regenerate on my screen - I updated my video card, and that problem went away. Apparently, I had plenty of processing power, but my vid card wasn't able to keep up with the info that was being crammed into it.

Hope that helps...