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Section modulas calculation of a structur


New member
Hai Friends;
I have made a fabricated structure,
combination of 35 - 40 sheet metal parts( actually welded
together). I want to calculate the section modulus of
structure at every 100 mm distance w.r.t vertical loading
and horizontal loading condition( Along X-X axis and Y-Y
Axis). I have done the excercise by pro-e analysis
section tool. but as i change the assembly structure
i.e. distance between plates,thickness of plate, changing
profile; I have to do whole excercise again and again. it
takes a time and it is cumbersome process.
Are you have any kind of automatic
calculation like automatic graph ploting type solution.
which decrease the effort of laborious kind of task.

Ashok Chauhan
Pro-E WF 3.0 user