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section lines


New member
I made a drawing of an assembly. When I show a section in any view all the section lines are of yellow color. Is it possible that the section lines takes the component colors (set in assly) automatically? I do not want to modify the properties of section in dwg for every new section.


New member
i think thats the default of section views and im not too sure if you can change them specifically for each component of the assembly.

however, if you expand the section lines of the hatch there will be no hatching at all and just true colour if you see what i mean


New member
Yes, in the drawing you have a pick for using component colors.

Views > Display Mode > View Display > select the drawing views > Done Select > Model Color > Done > Done Select > Done/Return

You can also specify a user defined color for any individual component.

Views > Display Mode > Member Display > select the member on the drawing > Done Select > User Color > use Show, Define, Set, and Save Map to change the colors in the drawing only.


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