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Search_path & Search_path_file options


New member
Can someone explain the differences between these two options (maybe give an example). Are they the same thing? The reason why I asked is that I need to setup a path to a UDF directory. I already added the UDF path to the group option in the config file, but when I create an UDF it keep saving it to my default working directory.


New member
search_path is a single line item in the file that points to a dircectory where Pro/ENGINEER files can be found. You can use search_path as many times as you need in a file. search_path_file is an independent file of search_path locations. It is a method of cleaning up the file when you have literally hundreds of search paths.

Use pro_group_dir to point to your library of UDFs. I'm not sure if it will save to the UDF directory, but it will look into the UDF directory by default.

Good luck.


New member
My company uses SolidWorks 2003 and SW doesn't use search-paths.

SW remembers the directory where it gets stuff from without this - sounds simple ??

Only prob is people rename directories and files and redesignate drives arbitrarily and we are in file management hell.

At least search-paths force users to understand and appreciate this stuff..