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New member
In the past we worked with Proe2000;and all components in our assemblies was puted in different folders

that was writed in search; pro config files

now we use Proe2001 and i m not able to see these assemblies because my config.pro is changed

what i can do?Now is extremly difficult to remade all these assemblies but i need

where i van change config.pro to see misssing components


New member
hi Cristelino,

If i understand correctly you have been using the seach.pro to locate the files in different folders, and you had specified the folder pathsin search.pro fileand you had also specified the search.pro file locationin your config.pro using the option <search_path_file>.

You have also mentioned that your config.prohas been changed. Just checkif it still contains theoption<search_path_file>. if it does then check if thepath (of the search.pro file)specfied is correct, if it doesnot then please specify the correct path.

In your config.pro it should look like:

search_path_file D:\abc\xyz\search.pro

This should work.