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search path and search.pro


Our pc configuration is to have WF2 loaded on each machine with all pro-e parts, assemblies and drawings on a network drive divided into several sub-directories. We currently have no pdm software running. I tried to use a search.pro file, pointing the config.pro option search_path_file to the dir where I'd stored the search.pro sa as I could access other parts from other directories into my assembly. This didn't work. I then applied search_path to config.pro for each directoryI wish to use, still no luck. Anyone any ideas. Use XP, WF2

Thanks in advance



New member
We have the same setup as you and I had the same problem. Pro/E documentation states (used to anyway) be sure you don't use spaces in directory names and it is case-sensitive. Keep in mind that every time you change your config file or seach path file you will need to exit Pro/E and re-launch for changes to take affect. Also, consider creating a config.sup file to place in the \text directory. This config file can have all the company standards on them and users cannot alter them. Then have a seperate config.pro file placed in each users default directory which can contain additional settings.


New member
I hate to ask a silly question.. but have you tried to give the exact path and the file name in it? meaning... c:\programs\config\search.pro in the config option.



New member
You should be able to get around this by using Quote's "Program Files" in your config.pro

I have not tried it but I know it works for Batch files. I install everything in c:\ptc\

P.S. The longer the search.pro becomes the longer it takes to pull up assemblies.