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Screen Freezes


New member
I am having a problem with my screen freezing in Wildfire 2.0. I'll be working with an assembly, and have multiple windows open at once. When I go to switch between two windows, often the one I switch to has a frozen image on it. I activate the window, and try to spin the model, and the image does not move. I have to go to file>open and re-open the part to get it to work. I know that as I try to spin the part, it is actually moving, I am just not seeing it because whenI re-open the part, it is at a different orientation. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone have any suggestions?


New member

I have had similiar problems. Now instead of switching between windows, i usually go to the the top menus: WINDOW to toggle between windows. If it still freezes, try to max and minimize the Proe browser. That should work.



New member
Thanks Gwen, Maximizing the window then minimizing it again un-freezes the window. That is an easy work-around. Does anyone know why this is happening though? Is there anything that I can do to prevent it from happening? The screen will freeze no matter if I toggle between windows using the taskbar or the window menu.


New member
I get that problem all the time, I just keep an explorer window iconed on my taskbar. When Pro/E freezes I click on the explorer window to restore it to desktop then icon it again and it works fine from there.


New member

I do have this problem very often. If I open a model, and try to spin, I can see only a snapshot of it. I close it and reopen, and it works again. I do not know how to solve it.



New member
I get the same thing in Wildfire 2

Especially when starting Pro/E and opening thefirst assembly, it will be frozen.

I then open any part from the model tree which will get things working.

When returning to the 1st assembly window the assembly can now spin..

I first thought its because I dont have a certified graphics card (nVidea GeForce FX 5700LE), but now I see others encounter the same problem.

Anyone figured out how to fix this yet, by not switching windows etc? Is it a bug and is it fixed in WF3?


New member
I never have this kind of problem in wildfire 2, considering I have used datecodes M90, M130 and M180 (currently using).
ProE got limit how many windows could be open > 14, and you can't open more the 14.
Depending on graphic card you can open 10, 12 and after that new opened window will be black or really slow.
On regular graphic card I didn't have such problems (nVidia GeFroce FX5600 XP), and I'm able to open 12 windows without any problems.

None of you did write on what hardware configuration, what datecode you have experience this problems.

Install latest drivers for your graphic card, if this don't solve problems try to tweak drivers to better graphic card, if this don't solve problems, change different graphic card.

GF FX5700LE is low end graphic card and because that you have experience problems, try as I have suggested to see if you could achieve better performance.


New member
Thanks for the comments Isair, I 've just bought a new PC yesterday with Nvidea 6600GT graphics card. (Gigabyte Silentpipe technology uses very effective heatsink, no noisy fan!)

I'll see how it performs once I've installed WF2