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Screen Colors


New member
I am a new SW user. I have been using ProE for about 10 years and have always used a black back ground because it seems to be a lot easier on my eye.

Does any one know how to effectively set up SW to have a black back ground for modeling as well as for drawings?

I tried the several of the color options, but they do not seem to work as easily as it did in ProE



New member

If i'm correct you can set your colors in the system options menu.

- Select Options from te Tools menu.

- On the system options Tab select Colors

- now you can set many colors the way you want.

With regards



New member
Hello Joop,

Thanks for the reply. I did try that option, but the model is not visible in wireframe mode. I did try changing all the other colors but still could not see the model in wireframe.




New member
Wireframe/HLR view colors are set at the document level and are not a system option. Click "Tools", "Options", "document Options", "Colors" and then "Wireframe/HLR" and set to white. You could set up a template file with this sort of thing already defined so you wouldn't need to do this operation on every new file.


New member
Ok, i am use to the blue screen, i never tried changing the colour so how do you change the back screen colour. And what was the wireframe/ hlr problem if you change the colour..?



New member
The colors can be set using "OPTIONS" on the "TOOL" menu.

On the ststem tab select "Colors" for the back ground.

If the back ground color is too dark the wireframe model will not be visible.

In that case please follow the instructions from 'thinkn3d' post above.



New member
I mentioned this to SolidWorks Product Definition when on-site for Alpha testing. I too use a Black BG but SolidWorks since 2008 or possibly earlier has not used the Standard Windows colors for Items like Text so For a System Settings for Black Document Background and White Text some items like menus will follow standard windows Scheme settings but the status bar text will be black regardless of windows settings. Pro/E allows users to customize menu fonts size and colors for background.

I've made a WOB custom colors setting by setting any default black colors to white and vice-versa. The only workaround I've seen is to use a Gradient with Black at the top and a Not-so-black grey at bottom. This will allow you to see Tools > Measure black text on a dark window bg but the Status Bar Text will still be Black on Black font crime. On the System Options Colors settings there is a save-as-scheme button which will allow you to keep the lame SolidWorks defaults with eye-blinding power wasting super bright colors typical on windows.

Edges in Shaded with edges mode is one color which you can set Black to make them seem transparent or White. I will see if I can copy my custom WOB color settings file into a .reg or .sldreg file for you to use

Found It
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\SolidWorks 201#\Color Schemes\07 - Scheme Folder]

2012-06-04_213950_custom-SldWrx-ColorScheme_swBlack-edgesW.z ip

For those with .zip file downloads blocked below I've pasted a text version Replace "SolidWorks 2010" with your current version then Right Click and merge or Double Click to write the settings to your registry. If you are not a local admin get IT to change that otherwise you're boned from being able to use anything but the defaults.
----TopOfFile copy from Windows Regiistry... to "Mate Callout, Healthy"="8421631"]-----------

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\SolidWorks 2010\Color Schemes\07 - Scheme Folder]
"Scheme Name"="swBLACK-edgesW"
"PM Scheme"=dword:00000000
"PM Skin Scheme Name"=""
"Background Appearance"=dword:00000000
"Background Image"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\Owner\\Desktop\\TRANSPARENCY-MASTER-IMGedit1full.P NG"
"Match Background in FeatureManager"=dword:00000000
"Drawings, Visible Model Edges"="16777215"
"Drawings, Hidden Model Edges"="9737364"
"Sketch, Over Defined"="255"
"Sketch, Fully Defined"="16777215"
"Sketch, Under Defined"="16744448"
"Dangling Dimension"="32896"
"Grid Lines, Minor"="8421440"
"Grid Lines, Major"="16777215"
"Viewport Background"="0"
"Drawings, Paper Color"="0"
"Drawings, Sheet Border"="0"
"Crosshairs, Drawings"="0"
"Selected Item 1"="16759637"
"Construction Geometry"="16711680"
"Temporary Graphics"="33023"
"Dynamic Highlight"="12615935"
"Imported Annotations (Driving)"="16777215"
"Imported Annotations (Driven)"="8421504"
"Assembly, Edit Part"="16711680"
"Assembly, Hidden Lines of Edit Part"="16744448"
"Assembly, Non-Edit Parts"="8684676"
"Inactive Entities"="12632256"
"Sketch, Invalid Geometry"="2010352"
"Sketch, Not Solved"="8421631"
"Active Selection Listbox"="8421631"
"Temporary Graphics, Shaded"="8454143"
"Top Gradient Color"="0"
"Bottom Gradient Color"="6443594"
"Surfaces, Open Edges"="255"
"Selected Item 2"="65280"
"Selected Item 3"="255"
"Selected Face, Shaded"="16744448"
"HLR Edges in Shaded Mode"="16777215"
"X axis of Reference Triad"="255"
"Y axis of Reference Triad"="32768"
"Z axis of Reference Triad"="16711680"
"Sketch, Inactive"="65408"
"Dimension, controlled by design table"="8453888"
"Selected Item 4"="16711808"
"Tree Item Normal"="0"
"Tree Item Selected"="4227072"
"Drawings, View Border"="12632256"
"Drawings, Background"="4227200"
"Drawings, Locked Focus"="8421504"
"Design Intent"="16711808"
"Annotations, Imported (Driving)"="16777215"
"Annotations Non-Imported (Driven)"="8421504"
"Assembly Interfence Volume"="128"
"Hidden Entity Selection Show Color"="33023"
"TextBox Handle Color In Note edit"="0"
"SWIFT Annotations"="16777215"
"SWIFT Under Constraint"="255"
"SWIFT Fully Constraint"="65280"
"SWIFT Over Constraint"="8421631"
"Tolerance Analysis Annotations"="65280"
"Temporary Sketch Draggin Color"="0"
"Spline Handle and Polygon Inactive Color"="8421504"
"Selected Item Missing Reference"="255"
"Handle Color In Note "="15790320"
"Drawings, Model Edges (SpeedPak)"="7557647"
"Drawings, Model Tangent Edges"="8421376"
"Mate Callout, Error"="8454016"
"Mate Callout, Warning"="8454143"
"Mate Callout, Healthy"="8421631"
-------------------------------------------------------EndOf File do not include