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New member
hello friends,

I have drawn few drawings in the sketch mode. now I want to scale entire drawing. Please help me in this regad.

thank you



New member
Do you mean you have draft entities on a drawing that need to be scaled ?

Sketch mode is only in sketch, assy & part mode..


New member
I want to do mechanism design using proe.

please tell how to :

1. Draw Vectors with arrow head

2. How to scale 4-5 lines simultanously without scaling other remaining lines in the same skatch

Kindly reply as soon as possible

Thanking you



New member
if you are in sketcher mode then select the lines you want to scale and then click from top menu

edit>scale and rotate

their you can enter scaling factor

you will also find icon for this command in line with mirror icon


New member
I have mechanism which contains more than 10 lines. I have tried but only one line will scale. I want to scale all lines at time.



New member
When modifying dimensions you can type a string to calculate a dimension, eg:


This would scale your dimension by 3/4

You can do as many or as little as you like...


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