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saving printing preferences


New member
I am looking for a way to print a variety of drawing sizes more quickly without having to reconfigure the print configurations for each size.

For example, if I have created an A size drawing but I want to print B size or vice versa, I want ProE to remember my settings and automatically rescale the drawing. I think the file type is MS_PRINT_MGR, but I don't know where to save it so ProE calls it up automatically.
This is how I do it: I created some mapkeys that allow me to print to different printers in different sizes. For each configuration/printer - a mapkey. It's simple: just record the steps you need to make a print into a mapkey. You can go even further and create icons for each mapkey.

About the last part of you question, you specify the path in the, but this would be for printer configuration files (extension .pcf).


Great suggestion. Your idea worked. I didn't realize you could actually create an icon. Now I have an A shaped icon on my toolbar for A-sized drawings, a B for B-sized, and so on.