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Saving .DXF format from ProE2001.


New member
Hey guys,

Went through a pretty exhaustive search of the site, and it yeilded nothing, so I'll ask a stupid question.

I don't have the option in 2001 to save as .dxf out of drawing
mode. I have turned on all the dxf_options, and still, there is
no way to save.

I can't believe that the functionality doesn't exist, I must be overlooking something...

Any help appreciated.



New member

I'm using 2001 and I regularly save drawings in DXF format for importing into RADAN. I go to file 'save a copy' and change the type to 'dxf' in the options menu.

The only problem I had was to ensure that you have the drawing window active when you choose to save a copy. Otherwise the 'dxf' option disappears.


New member
there was a TAN ages ago for this as i had the same problem.

If you have use HLR turned on then itdoesnt allow you to save as dxf.

You canturn this on/off usingtools/environment/ there is a tick box for HLR functionality.

I seem to remember you may have to clear the memory and reload the drawing, maybe not, just a while scineI used 2001.

Hope it helps!