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Saving a sketched datum curve


New member
Is there a way to save a sketched datum curve for use in a future model? I have a fairly complicated vector art file of a logo I need to use often. I usually import it into a sketch curve, project it to a surface then use the offset tool in sketcher to create a protrusion or a sweep. The problem is that importing the art is hit or miss even though it is the same IGES or DWG file every time. What I


<DIV>You can do one of the following:</DIV>
<LI>In sketcher, click File > Save. It will save a .sec file, which is a saved version of your sketch. You can import that into a sketch later if you want.</LI>
<LI>Save a dummy part that contains your sketched datum curve. When you need to use it on a different model, copy the sketched feature from the dummy part. I'm not sure about Wildfire clicks, but in Pro/E 2001, it's Feature > Copy > From Diff Model.</LI>[/list]
<DIV>Hope this helps.</DIV>