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Save as model.... need drawing to be created with it


New member

I have a model that will ultimately make two versions (sizes) with the modification of 2 dimensions. Now that I have finished the original I wish to save as new name and have the associative part drawing created at the same time... is this possible? I have rename_drawings_with_object set to both but this does not do as needed. I am in WF... I thought this worked for me in 2001 but I am having difficulty now....

I found this in a previous post:

If you put set the rename_copies_with_object ????? option in you to both, then anytime you backup the assembly or Save as a different name, the associated drawing will automatically go with it.

You have 1234.asm and 1234.drw. Save the assembly as 12345.asm and you will automatically have 12345.drw (the drawing will be identical to the original, only with a different name!)

To get the Drawing also duplicated when you perform SAVEAS, you should have name of the original model & drawing to be the same.For example there is abcd.prt and a drwawing referencing this part(abcd.prt), and you name this drawing as abcd.drw; now when you do SAVEAS on abcd.prt to have a copy as xyz.prt you'll get abcd.drw saved as xyz.drw.

Note:The config option rename_drawings_with_object must be set to both

DN Reddy,Manchuri;MCC,GE-IBC, Hyderabad, India
My bad sorry.......... Dummmas here, I had an _ instead of a - so part name and drw name were not the same !!! I knew it worked before!