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Save As Location Config Option


New member

When in a linked session of Pro (2001 and Intralink 3.2), if I go
Save a Copy it always defaults to my local loadpoint directory
(e.g., c:/ptc/bhacker) for all non-Pro/E saves such as JPEGs,
TIFs, DXFsetc.

How can I change this default location to save these files to
a directory of my choosing? I'm sure there's a config option to do this.


New member
Not really a config.pro option, its an option in the system where your startup directory is. Couple of ways to change this, you can use a system variable and calll that out in your startup path (set this when you run ptcsetup).

There is also a config.pro setting that allows you to prompt the user for output options, not sure if when using it allows you to choose a directory.

Way I control this is have one folder that is standard on all machines called pro_work, and you can set this on a standard install that way you know where the files always go.