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Save As and Flat Issues


New member

We are in the process of transitioning from 2001 to WF2. When we were discussing some issues that we have using 2001 with our software salesman, a major item that came up was doing a save as on a sheetmetal part. In 2001, when you do a save as on a sheetmetal part the flat instance does not update to the new part number. The salesman claims that this was a "bug" in 2001 and is fixed in WF2. Can anyone verify this?

Thank you



New member
Hi Anthony,

I just tested the Save-A-Copy in WF2 M070 and the instance names within the family table did not update to reflect the new part name. My personal view is that it is not a bug, but rather a property of the family table whereby the instance name can be anything the user chooses. Generally it is most sensible to utilise the part name of the generic in naming instances, and perhaps a config.pro option could be proposed to PTCto control this. Like you I'd like to see an updated family table naming, as proe offers a warning when instances of the same name are in the working directory, even though these instances are in separate family tables.