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Save a Copy: VERY SLOW isn't it?


New member
My company just finally moved to Pro/E 2001 in the last month, and today I had my first real need to save a copy of an assembly. I'm very disturbed that it runs so incredibly slow.

After changing each line the clock appears, and by the last few lines the clock would run for almost 2 minutes each. It took me almost an hour do finish the save as...

Why in the world is it this slow? We tried it on all our machines here in the office, and I also called a friend in a totally different company, and its that slow everywhere.

This is terrible. What used to take MAYBE 5 to 10 minutes now taking over an hour. I finally managed to get the Use Template boxes to work, but its still very slow. Plus I'm having great difficulty getting it to NOT add a suffix. I don't want a suffix.

Anyone have any helpful tips?



Can you please explain more specific your problem?

Are you using Pro/Intralink or not ?

You want just a copy of whole assembly in a new folder or you want to change some of the components names during the


New member
We don't use Pro/Intralink at all here. I'm talking about directly from Pro/E.

I have an assembly which contains both parts and sub-assemblies. I want to copy all of the parts that ARE in the local folder to new names, in a new folder. There are also library files used, which are found by search paths, but we're not renaming any of those, so it shouldn't have to be searching for anything.

generic example:

grommet.asm -> cricket.asm

grommet_001.asm -> cricket_001.asm

grommet_001a.prt -> cricket_001a.prt

grommet_001b.prt -> cricket_001b.prt


grommet_002.prt -> cricket_002.prt

In the above, when I pick the grommet_001a.prt and change the column containing the new name to read cricket_001a.prt,

the Pro/E clock appears and runs for almost 45 seconds.

It does this for each and every line I change.

Now, I know I can use the Use Template boxes to speed this up, but that doesnt work in all cases. There are a number of times in which we have to change the new names column in the save as... window LINE by LINE because using the Use Template functionality simply won't work. Waiting almost a minute for each line to update is intolerably slow. It certainly wasn't this slow on 2000i2, but that was when Pro/E still used Pro/Table for it's Save As.. functionality.


New member
I have never liked the way SAVE A COPY worked. I use a different method, which may be a pain in the a$$ but it workes faster and better.

First I change my working directory to where I want to save. Then I bring up everything I want to rename, and any drawings that go with it. Then I manually rename each one. I make sure not to save until everything is renamed.

Because I create all these files in a new directory, it is easy to tell if there are any mistakes. If so I can get to the root of them fast.


New member
You might have a basic problem with your machine. Get as much free memory as possible. I use 1Gig of memory and don't have a lot of other tasks hoging it, I don't seem to have a problem.



New member
I have the same thing as you jperkins. I haven't encountered any problems with it. My lab provides me with a really good system though. You mite have too many processes occurring at the same time that takes up too much memory. Pro E requires a really powerful system to work with comfortably.


New member
Well, I'm running a PIII 900mhz machine with 768mb of RAM. I know this isnt exactly cutting edge, but Save As... worked just fine in 2000i2. Its only since we moved to 2001 with the new Save a Copy window that it's this slow. I've checked it on the fastest machine we have, which is a 2 GHz Pentium 4, also with 768mb of ram, and it's slow like this there as well.

And we have NO other programs running. We don't even have internet access from these machines. There isnt even any other programs installed on most of them. They're straight, dedicated Pro/E workstations, and thats the only thing they're doing.

I fired up the old 2000i2 today, and it still does a Save As... in a perfectly reasonable amount of time. Doing the exact same Save As... on 2001 takes at LEAST 3 times as long, as the new window seems to be constantly regenerating the model every time we change a line.


New member
Are you saving to a local disk or a network shared drive. I've found the Windows networking to really slow down file I/O. A rename apparently retrives a local copy and then saves back the same file with the new name.

No explanation for why the dramatic slow down between 2000i2 and 2001. I've gone throught the process using 2001 with some large assemblies (400+ objects) and it's been no longer than saving the original (i.e. read in an assembly and create a new copy in the present working directory). And that's on an old 500MHz machine with only 256k RAM.

Bernie Hayden