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Running NX4 from external hard drive?


New member

I'm new to UG after having worked with I-DEAS for seven years and would like to run NX4 on my laptop (Dell M90).

Since it's my own laptop running on Vista and NX is work stuff I'd like to find out if I could run NX on an external, portable laptop hard drive under XP. (or would you recommend a bigger external hard drive?)

I've heard of people running it that way and wasn't sure if there are any hard drives that would be better then others (do I need Firewire or would a USB connection be good enough).

Would appreciate any input from you guys.




New member
It is too big a software, will be very slow! will take ages to come on screen! Mys suggestion is go to NX 5, that one is totally new out fit! and try to get use to it!


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