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rounding off values


i have generated a drawing of a small system and want a overall view of it with rounded off values for overall dimensions.

ie the system is 1642.18 units long. i would like to be able to round it off to 1642 in the drawing file without actually changing the physical part.
right click on the dimension and click on properties. Now you can see the decimal places in the dialogue box. Make it zero.

To make all your dimensions like this makes changes in the draw set up file.

actually, there's an option which i don't know if it's in config pro or the dtl file. by the default setting, the drawing dimensions will show the actual dimension and you're not able to override the decimal places...
Mr. Puppet,

U have to go to tools->options menu in part modeling environment and change the value of variable DEFAULT_DEC_PLACES to ZERO to get effect for all the dimensions in the drawing and just repaint. or if u just want to cange selective one or two dimensions there's a way as Israr said.
From what I have seen, Pro/E doesn't round off, it trunkates. So 18.12 would be 18.1 (as expected) but 19.69 would be 19.6. Is there a config option for this? Or am I using the wrong setting to adjust decimal places?


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