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Rotation in assembly mode


New member
Im in assembly mode and the object ive bought in, needs to be rotated, i know i could use the datum planes for this but i need it rotated to a persific angle.

The method im using:

Under the componenment placement i choose 'move'

Under 'motion' reference' i choose '2 points'

On the screen i rotate my component to its desired angle, press ok on the placement screen, it regenerates but leaves my component in its origional position.

What am i doing wrong?

Many thanks
If you have an axis in the assembly, you can make a datum on the fly and rotate the object about the access. You do this by choosing make datum through an axis at an angle. You can modify the make datum's angle to rotate the part. Another option to control rotation or movement of a part in an assembly is to create a datum curve and assemble the component using the datum curve. You can then manipulate the components location by modifying the datum curve. I sometimes use a point on a curve to simulate movement.
donha's datum on the fly is probably the best way to go.

skiddy - you're describing the Move commands in the initial assembly dialog box. These don't actually tie the part in the assembly - they're only for manipulating it as you add constraints.

(Tip - Use Ctrl + Alt + mouse buttons to move only the new component, relative to the assembly - really handy)

An alternative is to use Adv Utils > Move - and pick an axis to rotate around...
Also, if you've got a license for AAX (Advanced Assembly Extension), you might want to control component location with a skeleton model. Skeletons provide a number of advantages, including reducing parent-child relationship and consolidating shared geometry in a central location.

Dave Martin

Torgon Industries
If I'm understanding your question correctly, You can do this using themodify menu:


Modify assy


Pick or create a coord sys through the axis you want to rotate about

Pick the component to be rotated

Done sel


Pick the axis of the coord sys to rotate about

Input a rotation angle about the previsly selected axis

Done move




That should rotate your comp to the angle specified.

Good luck