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Rotating U-Joints


New member
I am modeling a U-Joint and would like to rotate it to different positions to check clearances. If possible, I would like to rotate only one base part to see the interaction of the others. Any suggestions?


New member

This should be no problem, once you have your components modeled, assemble them using mechanism connections rather than constraints (say myujoint.asm). For a u-joint you will probably use mostly pin joints for connections. Note: you can assemble the parts using constraints then chose the conversion option in the 'component placement' this will make your constraints into connections.

then, open a new assembly (ujointmvt.asm) and create two datum axis. create these at the same angle to each other than the shafts in your device would be. insert myujoint into ujointmvt with the axis of the two "u's" on the two axis you have created (again using mechanism connections). now, you can go to applications>mechanism where you can drag your parts and/or and motors that control the mvt



New member
I appreciate the input. I was looking for a simpler solution and I came up with one in the meantime. I merely put a point on the end of the T-connector and assembled it to a datum plane created through the axis on the hole that the T-connector goes through on the mating part.

A little more crude but it gave me what I needed.

Thanks again.