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rope & pulley


New member
i want to create a mechanism between a rope and a pulley. For pulley I have created PIN joint but dont know what to do for rope. can any one help me out of it? thanks for helping


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i don't know if i could answer you, but i'm pretty confused about this problem too, i've thinking about for much time now, i already posted such an inquiry here in the forums but with no reply from anyone!

did u manage to do the rope first of all? is it flexible and could bend around the pulley?

i am so confused, please if u have a solution share it with me.



New member
What are you trying to do with the rope? If its a loop there are some tricks you can use to make it look like its working, if its a fixed length and you are trying to raise something than what you would do is make a point on the rope thats attached to the one pulley that will move and use a slot and follower. Be warned that you will have problems when you change parts of the curver. If you can post a picture or files that would help...


New member
hey slashct,

the rope is intended to be a part of a linear module, in fact it is a timing belt with a slotted pulley. Thus the motion is transmitted through the teeth in mesh, just like 2 gears in mesh. the only difference or problem as i know, is how to make the rope behave as a rope, or how to model it at the first place.

i'll drop the teeth and timing belt conception for now if there is any way to make only a wire rope and a pulley mechanism.

there is no pics to upload now coz i'm in university and my project is at home, so ill try to make a note later on, it is just a linear mechanism, that transmits rotational movement of a motor to a pulley rounded with the belt wich is attached to a carriage and moves it along horizontally.

thanks for your help,

plz try to email me ur reply: [email protected]




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