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Revision of drawing


New member

I am using Pro/E 2001... I used to do Design Change on my design frequently... and I will have a print out copy of every issued part of my design before & after changes...

every time I have a design change on my part... For example: I change the length of my part from 10mm tp 20mm...

the drawing will directly change the dimension from 10mm to 20mm.. immediately after i change the part... is there any method to keep track of the previous dimension before change??

I mean the drawing will show the previous dimesion & also the new dimension... together with the revision No. on it ... So that I can know what is the dimension before change...

Can anyone please help me...?


laser guy

New member
We track ours in the rev block, it would say 20mm dim was 10mm next to the rev with date and initals. Having been a machinist in the past, you will just confuse the poor person making the part if you start putting lots of old dims on the drawing.



New member
I agree with Laser. I started on the shop floor and I can promise you you'll be cussed and when the pc gets scrapped the argument will be I made it to the print, let engineering eat it. Even if you identify the old dims clearly, there will be confusion.