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revision numbers


is there a way to show the revision number of the file in the drawing ?

so if was to print a drawing one day .. and then the same drawing 2 days later. there would be some distinguishing feature to tell me which is the newest version when looking at the two drawing?


We use Intralink & put PROI_REVISION & PROI_VERSION on our drawing border - this allows you to compare printed drawings. The version refers to how many times the drawing has been checked in.


New member
A plot label (User Name, Object & Date) can be included when plotting a Pro/ENGINEER drawing or model by either selecting it manually or through a plotter configuration file option.

To include a plot label manually, select #File #Print #Configure, select the Page tab, and check #Include under Plot Label.

To include a plot label through a plotter configuration file, set the option plot_label to yes.

Additionally, the height of the label can be controlled. It can be either specified manually through Pro/ENGINEER or by setting the plotter configuration file option plot_label_height to value units, where units can be set to IN for inches or CM for centimeters.

The width of a plot label can not be controlled.


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