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Revision levels in workspace and proe drawing


Good afternoon,

We seem to have a little issue with setting revision levels of a drawing in a workspace while the drawing is open in Pro engineer. If we set the workspace revision level to the next higher revision the title block of the drawing will not update until we actually end our pro e session and restart it. We have tried regenerate, update views, update sheets, file/replace... what are we doing wrong? If we look at the properties of the section of the title block containing the revision information it says '{0:&PROI_REVISION}' Thanks to all who reply in advance!

Denny Coauette


I just tried and confirmed the PTC tans listed above for my installation...

1) Create a new drawing and save to workspace (no associated model or format)

2) Check in drawing to CS

3) Open drawing in Pro/E

4) in workspace, modify revision to 7 (for example)

5) try to 'replace' drawing in Pro/E session

6) I get message All the objects in session are up to date

If I try this same method with a part model, I can replace it in session just fine, so it does appear that drawings can not be 'replaced' in session... Although models appearing on drawings CAN be 'replaced'. Maybe that is what others are seeing ?

Are others really able to 'replace' drawing objects in session?

-Brian Adkins

Intralink 3.2 2003120

Pro/E 2001 2003320


Well what's the deal?? We are on 3.2 and 2001. According to the links to PTC attached to Brians response it is supposed to be intended functionality to have to restart the session to update the revision parameter. Thanks guys.



New member
Maybe I'm missing something here but what's the point of having a production drawing file with no associated model depicted on it and without a format no less?

We are, in fact, replacing models appearing on drawings where the drawing formats auto populate by pulling in the Intralink custom attribute values which are also the same designated parameter values from in the model.

I thought the original post was speaking of this type of situation, which, does in fact work fine when drawings

are up and in session in Pro.


I was just using the 'bare-bones' drawing to simplify the 'experiment'...

lots of companies show both model parameters (i.e. &proi_revision) and drawing parameters (i.e. &proi_revision:d) on their drawing formats, so this limitation would come into play.

-Brian Adkins