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"Reverse Engineer" NC-code?


New member
This might (most likely...)be a stupid question but I'll post it anyway.
(Sometimes its best to shut up and let all think you are a fool rather than speak up and prove it...

I got a question from one of our manufacturing engineers if it could be possible to import nc-code (written manually) into Pro/NC, scan itand get a list of all machining tools called for in that program.
It will be used to create better documentation of what tools being used for older parts and I guess they would like to run it in some kind of batch-mode.



New member
You could set up and run Vericut save the cut model as a model file.

Also you can put apt statements in gcode to auto create tools in vericut.

This what I do for older nc programs

Vericut also creates auto workpiece size so I am sure you can create a batch type system with minor edits of the vericut file in the end



New member
If I understand correctly, you want to be able to generate a tool list from existing programs. I think Mace is describing a way to create a model from nc-code.

The problem is tool info is not stored in nc-code unless it was added in comment lines when the program was created. If that's the case, you may be able to write a script that could parse the comment data to another file, I don't know.