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Replace instances with standalone parts ?


New member
Hey friends,....

Is it possible to replace some components (that were in the past instances of a generic)with normal parts (instances were saved with save as... to get rid of the family table) automaticly ?

The operations that I've did to get rid of the instances was:
1. Open the 'generic'
2. Open all the 'instances'
3. In the generic: Delete the family table
4. Save all the 'instances' again. (I've not changed the objectname)
5. Save the 'generic'. Off course it isn't a 'generic' anymore.... just a 'normal' part.
Iwill now have stand-alone parts.

When I now open an assembly (which used in the pastsome 'instances' of that family table) the assembly goes in resolve mode. He want each time an instance ?!?!?
I've allready placed the new (standalone) parts, that I created, in the working directory, no succes...
I've done it in the past with Intralink, no problem,but now when I work with ProE in a 'classic' working directory on Windows,it won't work ?!?!?

Did I something wrong ?
Any ideas ?

I'm using ProE2001, no Pro/Intralink, just standalone on a(working)directory with in my config.pro some search_paths to find some 'library' parts !!!
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New member
when it gets into resolve mode, you need to reference the part (which was an instance) by using the command "Find Component" and selecting the part from the directory. this should definitely work as i tried it in wildfire. once done, you do some changes to the assembly (like a layer status change) and save the assembly.

hope this helps......


New member
PTC won'tsupport the ability to automaticallyreplace components that were once family table instances. They should replace since all the geometry IDs are the same between the instance and the stand-alone part. But the last time I tried it with Wildfire 2.0, it didn't work.

Fortunately PTC created a hidden config.pro option that allows family table instances to be replaced with stand-alone parts of the same name. Set the config.pro option:

try_noninst_on_fail yes

Any assembly which includes a family table instance component that no longer exists will look for a stand-alone component with the same name. If it finds the component, it will automatically replace it in the assembly. No resolve mode!

Since it is hidden, don't expect any support for it. But it worked in an earlier build of Wildfire 2.0. I haven't tested it since.



New member

Thank you very much. That is the solution that I was looking for.
You saved me a lot of time with that hidden config.pro option.

I can inform you that the hidden config.pro option try_noninst_on_fail also work in ProE 2001....

Filip Deconinck.

Thanks for your reply but the'Find Component' solution doesn't work on ProE2001 because ProE2001 wants first the 'generic' of that 'instance'. Meaning, ProE doesn't ask for the 'instance' name, he asks for the 'generic' name. And because the 'generic' doesn't exist anymore,it isn't the solution what I was looking for!!


New member
Instead of saving instances to working directory you could also replace the component (instance) with the new copy. This way you get new part without the family table.


New member
If you have the assembly in session when saving the instances as stand-alone parts and save said assembly when finished, this problem doesn't arise!



New member

Correct !!!

But, theproblem that I had was that I wanted to breakout my 'family table driven library parts'.
Example: A 'family table driven' bolt.......
So, opening all the assemblies which are using a kind of 'library' part was not possible....

Filip Deconinck