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Repeat region user defined?


New member
How do I attach a part number to the modal?

I figured out. QTY-Part Name-Index. I need to be able to attach a user defined parameter to the modal and do not know

how to go about that. If someone can help me with this it would be much appreciated.

thank you,

have you tried asm.mbr.user defined? It allows you to use a parameter in the table. If you took the drawing class from PTC the technique is described in the BOM chapter. 13 I think.

Thank you for the reply. I know how to set report sym . I guess what I really need to Know is how to apply that user defined parameter to my solid model. In summary were do go in my part modal to set a user defined symbol.

I will re review the books I have, but am sure I had reviewed this befor and had no success.

Thank you,

In summary were do go in my part modal to set a user defined symbol.

To set a user-defined symbol in a model - have you tried Setup > Parameters - then you can add, edit & remove parameters...
Make sure when you define your parameters you type in exactly what type you want. For a name of a part you can enter DESCRIPTION for the parameter and make it a string, not a real number or integer. In the next box type the name of your part.

For the part number enter DRAWING and also make that a string. If you have your repeat region set up correctly they should automatically show up in the drawing.