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Rendering texture problem


New member

I have a strange problem I never had before. When I render an object in Pro/E a texture (a texture of a timer I created myself) appears I don't want (see link). Before I rendered, I have set all the walls in the room settings to a plain white texture. This used to do the trick, but now another texture appears on top of it and makes the renderings useless! I tried moving the timer-texture to another map but this didn't help. Any ideas on why this happens?

Thanks in advantage,

It says that you use photoshop in your profile.. I always render files with a black background, i then save the pics as jpeg format and open in photoshop. You should be able to paint the black background white without affecting the rendered image.

Thanks for the quick reply

That's how I now do it, with Photoshop. But it would save some time if that wasn't necessary. And with the photoshop + black background solution, there is always a chance to delete black parts of the rendered part.

Today, I didn't have the error however (no funky textures at the background this time) so I hope it just was a bug of Pro/E or something. *knocks on wood*

Hello Wouter,

Are you using Photolux or Photorender?

If you are using Photolux there is an option under the Special Environment Effects tab called background. This will allow you to apply a white jpg background and not have to use the room.

If you are using Photorender I just apply a white jpg to each wall in the room, I have never had a problem using this method.



I'm using Photorender and the same method as you describe: Applying white jpg's to each wall. This used to work perfectly, but yesterday all of a sudden a texture appeared on top of the white walls when I rendered the part. Luckily, today all was fine (probably restarting the PC did the trick), but still it was a weird thing.