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rendering modual


New member
I think it is about time to ramp up on the rendering portion of the Wildfire. I think the Photolux modual was a poor attempt to raise the level. Those Procedural materials need work in a big way.

I am ready for this economy to pickup so we can spend more money on this stuff.

Bart Brejcha


New member
i here some of the issues are supposed to be addressed for wildfire2

frankly i find photolux a complete waste of time

i dont have enough time to find all the work arounds

i can actually exprt tthe data and set it up in rhino/flamingo quicker than photolux, and with better results

dont even get me started on the perspective

all rather annoying seeing as CDRS was rather good at it all with animation thrown in

having to get to know lightwave for decent rendered animations, i know its always good to know more apps, but it does tend to twist your brain!

oh for a studio tools license.............


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