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New member
Hello everybody and Pro/e users,

I'm working in an Industrial products manufacturing company.We will be handling the design of very similar shape but with varying sizes.So we opted for TOP DOWN design approach.Currently we are using Pro/e wildfire.2.Once the design is finished if we want to start another project or size we have to rename the assembly,parts and depentents.It makes a lot of time and effort to rename the parts having the drawing in session.

Consider 1 assembly with around 200 parts and sub-assemblies with 400 drawings (~2 per part) makes a lot of time wastage.

So if somebody have an idea of 3rd party tool or program to rename all its depentents all at a time will help us better.

I think I'm clear in explaining my objective.Please mail me if u have some idea to [email protected]


New member
Hi Gopal,

I'm sure everyone likes to have that solution. If all you Proe master do have a

better solution, please email me too, [email protected]

Meanwhile I'll show you how we rename it.

Remaining in your new current working folder, open an existing assembly of other folders which you want to rename. Use save a copy option and give it a new name

for example I gave it a name of ABCD_TOP_BTM_ASSY.

View attachment 1161

Then select all files and use the template as attached picture to generate new names :

View attachment 1162

All dependant parts & drawings will save as your new name in your current folder.

I have a small problem. All parts are well saved but sometimes 1 or 2 drawings do not follow. I wonder why? Can Dr_Gallup, Puppet or any master help us?


New member
If they really are substantially similar you can define all levels of
parts and sub-assemblies as instances of family tables using
interchange assemblies for the tougher components. This makes copying
of drawings and model swapping a breeze.

Don't know why you have two drawings per part, haven't you heard of multi-sheet drawings?


Edited by: Dell_Boy


For rename_drawing_with_object to work, they must have EXACTLY the same name. Since we name drawings with just a part number but include some descriptive words in part & assembly names that never works for us. I generally use family tables as table driven parts can be easily swapped out of assemblies & drawings. That works well if the differences are just dimensions and a few features. Once you get too much difference between members it gets really tough to maintain the tables and know which dimensions you can change independantly and which ones change all the parts at once.


New member
I would use the family table functionality for what you describe.

As Dell_Boy says, it makes swapping models and drawings VERY quick.