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remove history


New member
Iwant to remove the information of model tree. Can anyone tell me how? generallyI use to save it in iges format and give it to the customer. Is it a right way to doing it?


New member
IGES or STEP is one option, but is more easily reversed engineered than saving the file as a Pro/E Shrinkwrap ("File > Save As > Shrinkwrap") and setting the quality level to determine what level of detail the customer can see. Pro/E Shrinkwrap saves only the external surfaces, leaving out inner detail. If the customer does not have Pro/E, save the shrinkwrap as IGES or STEP.


New member
Hi Parin,

If your customer has Pro/E then the best thing to do would be to do a save as .neu format as this format is Pro/E native. Hence there will be no data loss.