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Relations in assembly ???


New member
Hello !! Friends,

I am here again with a problem :) need your help !! please.

I am having two parts 1st a tool (3 lobes) and 2nd a cone. I have a spiral curve in the cone. the centre point of the lobe has to follow the curve.

please, note that the axis of cone and the axis of tool (3 lobes) are fixed and the distance between the two axis is 27 units.

Because the axis are fixed, when we will rotate cone, the tool will also rotate. The ratio will be 3:1 , that means when we will give 3 rotations to cone, the tool will complete 1 full rotation.

My problem is that I want to see the position of cone and tool at different angles of rotation......for example how and what my tool position will be, when i will give 140 degrees rotation to cone !!!

I wonder if it get solve by giving some relations in assembly...tried alot but failed !!

please suggest.....