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regen of Pro/Program parts


New member
Say I don't need the Pro/Program functionality of the part anymore and I don't need it to update embedded relations, etc. Is there any way of converting it to a non-Pro/Program part?


New member
First Undeclared lay (if part is declared to layout), then open relations and delete all relations, and the last open program end in program delete only relations. Then part will be free of Pro/Program.


New member
Anythingbetween Input and End Input will register the statement being asked when you go to regenerate

If you wipe out that area that will stop the regeneration prompting


New member
Thanks Isair and Moroso!

That is exactly what I needed. I downloaded the automated springs from the FILES section of this site and the the spring design worked great. Now that they are created I don't need to enter in any more input, so I wanted to take the Pro/Program functionality out of them.

Thanks again.