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regarding process drawings


New member
Well In my company...the R&D releases the component drawing..and the production sees the drawing and makes a process sheet and also a drawing for each process like cutting,turning,milling...etc....is it possible for me to generate automatically 2D drawings from proe models for the purpose of each process ...even I am ready to use external applications like Java...or other softwares...pls help me and give me some tipsto go abt this..




If you have the Pro/Manufacturing license I think you can generate all the process sheets, etc. while also generating the CNC code.

My company does not use Pro/Manufacturing and very few of our process are CNC controlled. I make process sheets through the use of a combination of family tables and what used to be called the "Master Model Merge" technique. It is simpler now, you can just merge your first op part as the first feature in your second op part, etc. You do have to do a good bit of up front planning in how you will build your model so that it duplicates the manufacturing process.

A lot of design engineering departments don't like to modify their design process to accomodate the manufacturing process, in that case Pro/Manufacturing would be the best way to go. In Pro/Manufacturing, the design model is just a reference for what the final part has to be. All the cutting takes place on a work piece model so major changes in processing have no impact on the design model.