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Referencing geometry from another part file


New member

I'm new to Pro E and would like to know how to reference existing geometry from another part I have created. For instance a two part mould, lid and base. I have used Ext Copy Geom but not really what I want. Have been told you can do it in an assembly but don't know how to do it.

Thanks in advance


Make an assy and set up the reference parts.

Then go Component > Create and follow the dialogue boxes as you go. The rest is easy.

View attachment 222

The only thing to watch when you are doing this is that you have now created a dependency between all the parts in the assy and you new part file so if you want to hand the part file on to some one else (or put the file on the server / or in intralink) you need to send the assy and all the related part files as well.


Skuld ^_^

PS:Sorry for the bad screen Grab but a with a limit of 50K for an attachment I had to compress the file a bit to much...


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