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Referencing all parts in an assembly


New member

I am designingparts of an engine in Pro/E 2001 and have a problem with how to assemble/model my engine and be able to change a few variables and update all the parts accordingly.

I would like to produce areference sketch and setup parameters to control the dimensions.

I can then use this sketch as a template to make various parts on datums and surfaces of other components to model the parts.

By varying just the dimensions in my reference sketch I can update the whole assembly changing the positions and geometry of the parts within.

Could someone let me know if this would work, or an easier way of doing it?

Also when seting up the sketch with references such as sd0:1 = "piston_diam", where and when (in the sketch mode, or in assembly mode?) should i set these references so that I can simply import the sketch onto any datum/surface.

Thank you for any suggestions and help



You are refering to a layout. This can be done but the first time through will take some thinking. You will most likely need some part and assembly level relations as well to drive the rengeneration of the geometry. The key to your needs however is in the layout in which your "sketch" is related to internal parameters of the various parts and assemblies.


New member
Thank you for the reply,

Could you give me a few tips to start off with.

Such as how to create a layout and apply it as a reference sketch to a part within an assembly, Any simple example would be most appreciated

Thank you