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"Reference" surface


New member
If I want to create a trajectory for a piece of bent steel that is 3D, there are a number of ways that can do it. But in the case the easiest seems to project a 2D curve onto a 3D surface. Is there any way to create a "reference" surface in Pro-E that will not show up in the model? It just needs to be a sheet, not a full solid or closed surface.

Seems like it out to be simple - but it apparently is not...


New member
Beautiful - I knew there had to be any easy way - I didn't know what the intersect could do - that's what I was looking for.

Thanks for your help..


Another way of doing this is to use datum points, and create a curve through them, butthis is only useful if you can visualise things in 3 dimensions.


New member
Need Help,

(Create 3D curve by 2 projections.No need for a surface)

WF2 command location for creating 3d curve. I have both 2d curves created but can't find how to create the 3D curve projection.

Thx for the help..


New member

Thx for the quick response, I looked through the help files I thought extensively and could not find anything in the curves sections to do this function.

Really yanks my chain sometimes.



New member
It's too bad the geniuses at PTC took out the ability to sketch both curves internally to the 2 projection curve. Used to be an option for a two projection curve without the need to sketch two separate 2-D curves. This is but one of the "improvements" I have yet to grasp.

It's apparent that the programmers and mangement are real brainy people...they have no common sense.We all know someone with brains on tap but can't seem to come in out of the rain. They have zero clue what it is to be adesigner or in the trenches Design Engineer.

All in the name of abetter Pro/E. Right! Cluge models all around.

Sorry a little Rant there.