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Reference sets


New member

I am here with another interesting question.

Is it possible to use different reference sets for different views in UG drawing mode?

I have a drawing wherein I need to show only few parts in one view and all the parts in rest of the views. So I thought I can create a different reference set and I will add only selected parts into that and use this reference set for a particular view where I want to show only few parts.

By using a view dependent edit I think we can customize up to some extent but I don't know how much it will be useful for this.

Any help on this would be appreciated!!!



New member
You can use "hide components in view". You have to be in Drafting and have Assemblies turned on. The command is under Assemblies > Context control.
It works very well. I use it all the time to blank out components that I don't need.


New member

Let me try this.

So is that not possible by reference sets. Am I right? I think all the views in drawings should have same reference set.