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Reference model...


New member
Hey All,

my name is Ries and I am fairly new to Pro/E. Currently I run wildfire 2.0 for hobby project.

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Am am currently trying to model my model airplane (wing part) into Pro/E and hopefully the rigth away.

Above you see the wing itself. IN the wing I want to model my ribs, Aileron and items necesary.

My question right now is this:

I saved the above as wing-master.prt and want to create all part's
inside the wing in seperate part files to keep thing running (speed)
and simple to edit/change.

I imported this master like this: Insert -> Shared Data ->
Inheritance from other Model. I that the right way to do? Of so, how
can I tell Pro/E that the surface of the wing is NOT a part, but more
like a reference surface. I noticed already that any constrains to this
import model work great when updating it, things change the correct way.

Or MUST I create ALL seperate parts (ribs, ailion, etc..) inside this master from the beginning?

All rib's inside the wing will be created by making datum-planes and
creating a intersect with the wing's surface and the datum-plane, works
great in a seperate file that is...

(BTW: Is that what they call 'top-down' modeling?)

I hope I clarify myself good enough,


Ries van Twisk


New member
If you just wantto copy the surfaces of the wing into each of the parts here is the procedure;

1. Start a new "empty" assembly.

2. Assemble the wing part (wing-master.prt) to the default location

3. Create a new part in the assembly

4. Activate the new part

5. Select the surfaces of the wing (tip: after you select one surface of the wing, right click and select "solid surfaces" this will copy all surfaces on the part)

6. Select copy and the paste (CTRL C, CTRL V)

Use this procedure to copy the surfaces of the wing into as many parts as you want.

Depending on what type of Pro/E license you have you may also be able to use the copy geometry functionality (e.g. within a part; go to Insert-->Shared Data-->Copy Geometry from Other Model).


New member
Hey, jfausch,

I currently use 'Inheritance from other Model' to import a other model, which works very well.

I think, now I think about it that I want to have this surface as a construction surface,
and not as a part. The problem right now is that when i want to create
a drawing that the surface shows up aswell, but instead I just want to
have for example just my ribs, or a blend I created...

Later I need to combine part and start making the complete wing.

Maby I just answered my problem???

Ries<br style="font-weight: normal;">


New member
I think I got the grip of this,

I removed the surface now and I just work with the sketches. I already had them saved in a sketch file.

I think I just started wrong :)

thanks for the hints an tips, I'll post my wing asap....