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Redefining Part Features in an Assembly


New member

Is it possible to redefine a feature on a part model
when in the assembly model that this part model is used in?

It seems to me I've done this before but I can't recall how
for the life of me. Then again, maybe I've completely lost
my marbles and one has never been able to do this.

Still on 2001.


New member
try in assy mode(in 2001): modify,part, pickyour partthen feature
Now you should be able to access all feature operations on part level i I recall it right.



New member
u can redifene a part model in assembly mod.

try this........,

right-click on the name of part in Model Tree that have importedto the asm. module and open it. Now this model will open in part module window.

now redefine the feature u like and Regenerate & Save it.

now come to asm module u will see that the part is redefined.



New member
You may have to adjust the model tree display filters to show all
features. Depending on your configuration, you may be seeing only
the assembled parts in the model tree and not their child
features. It seemed like I had to set the tree to show all
features before I could edit individual part features in an assembly,
but maybe I'm wrong.

Also, if your model tree is set to show all features you can click on
the little (+) next to the part to expand the part feature list.
You can right-click any feature and select "Redefine."