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Recommended graphics driver


New member
This is where its confusing.

At the top of the link it looks like those are the 'latest' drivers (77.56) from Nvidia.

Further down, the driver 61.94 next to PTC looks to be the latest driver tested by PTC.

Further, if you click on 'certified drivers' it takes you to a new page
and recommends certified drivers per card. Eg. yours is
52.18. But no where does it refer to the FX540?

Im using 77.56 at the moment as Im presuming the newer ones should be just as good if not better then older certified ones.


New member
Hello vesh i understand your problem and you are right that the 61.94 is the last certified driver by PTC and the answer to your other part is that i think your card is a new addition to the FX family this year so thats why its probably not listed or certified yet. i to an using the newest driver like you and have had no problems!

Hope thats cleared things up for you to be absolutely certain contact PTC, but if your driver works well then I stick with it!