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Recommendation for Wildfire book


New member
Please help.

Several months ago we upgraded to Wildfire but did not get any upgrade training. Some of the users have picked up Wildfire pretty well while some are still struggling.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good Pro/Wildfire book?




New member
I just recieved a copy of Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire by Louis Gary Lamit today. I have not had a chance to read it but it looks to be very good. It is 850+ pages with very nice images on almost every page.

I have also recently read most of SDC Parametric Modeling with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire by Randy Shih and liked it so far.

The SDC Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire Tutorial by Roger Toogood has been a very popular book for the last few realeases of Pro/ENGINEER.

Hopefully this is helpful.


New member
Believe it or not, PTC's manual is pretty strong... I would recommend a course if you can get into one. Depending on how many students in the class, you may be able to work out a good deal with your training provider.

David Mauro

Hawkeye Technologies


Active member
Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire for Designers by Sham Tickoo is a very good book to upgrade to Wildfire. It covers all the topics except MDO but none of books available in market covers this topic. I wish some author go for a book on MDO.



New member
davidmauro wrote...

>>Believe it or not, PTC's manual is pretty strong...

We're back to manual IE PRINTED manuals? Something I can bend fold and mutilate, put postits in and dogear, somethine I can actulla USE instead of the Byzantine HTML mish-mash I have now, THAT ALONE will make me push for Wildfire here.

I CAN recommend CadQuests Wildfire Update Manual , it covers all the Where the heck is it this rev? problems did a great job of translating to the new concepts and was loaded with examples and such.



I have used a few of them in the course I have been teaching here. The latest is Pro/E WF Basic Design by Smith, printed by CADQuest. It has the basics for newcomers. Toogood is very similar in depth and span. I have used the Kelley book (McGraw Hill) as a teaching book and can be a good reference book, his WF version is just coming out.

WF does have a good tutorial you can download from the default PTC webpage (for free).


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