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New member
Had this in the wrong forum:

We've been experiencing this issue on a random basis for sometime now.

We are set up with win2000/xp, I-link 3.4 and WF2.0. We will do some work on a part or drawing and check it in. The next time it gets checked out and opened (it seems utterly random) some file may cause the entire Pro/E session to crash.

We end up opening up every related file (drawing, assy, subs, components) till we find the culprit. Then we have to go back a version for the file and redo what ever was done and try again. (submit then checkout and see if it opens).

We have submitted the issue to PTC (with files) and they have reproduced the issue, but have come back with no resolution. We are spending too much time redoing work that should be no problem.

Has anyone here dealt with a similar problem and come up with a solution?

Much thanks.


New member
We have similar random corruptions, we send the models to PTC to be fixed & they send them back, at which point we find out we can't re-import them into Intralink. Oh the joys. I sympethise with your frustrations.


New member
Our company is planning to update to the combination IL 3.4 and Wildfire 2.0. Which builds of Wildfire and Intralink did you use?


New member
We made tests with the combination WF 2.0 M011 and IL 3.4 M110. About 30 test users were asked to perform standard actions like locate, check out, check in, promote... Up to now there were no complains about corrupted files as you describe it.

I am not sure if they were asked to retrieve the checked-in objects again, i will revise this.