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really simple problem, i think


New member
how do you rotate a part around a particular line of that part whilst its in an assembly.

Its probabily me being stupid but i cant see an easy way of doing it.

Any help would be gratefully recived




New member
Not really sure what you mean. Do you want to change the assembly constraints? or do you want to simulate a mechanism?


i think that this option is from a mid-range software, if i remember well....

you have the ability to select an edge and rotate the whole assembly or part according to this edge...

if this is the question... no it can be done in proe... and i don't understand its usage.....



New member
Your question is to vague. Because there are many ways to rotate a part, all with different uses, I have to ask why do you want it to rotate. You can assemble it to a datum with a variable angle. When placing a componant you can use the move commands to rotate it. In Pro/Mechanica you can make a mechanism. And in an explode state you can rotate the part.


New member
Dear Sheffwed,

You could insert the part in the assy by selecting assy>comp>assemble and select the part, then choose the 'move' tab in the dialogue box, afterwards select rotate and as a reference axis select the edge you want the piece rotates around. Then move mouse.

You can do this also in a packaged component.

Hope this help you.